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Lyon fans invaded the pitch in the French Cup match against Paris FC | VIDEO

Lima, December 17, 2021Updated on 12/17/2021 05:07 pm

In recent months, French football has experienced serious moments related to the fans, due to the bad actions they have during matches. This time, fans of Olympic lyon are again protagonists, since they invaded the field in the clash against Paris FC for French Cup.

The match had already had some problems, since the followers of ‘Les Lions’ had thrown some flares against the fans of the rival box and also towards those in charge of security. There was a lot of tension during those moments, but it did not affect the continuity of the actions.

However, only 45 minutes could be played at the Parisian Stade Charlety, since after the break the shameful event occurred: the Lyon fans invaded the field, when referee Jérémy Stinat was about to whistle the restart. Due to this, the activity had to be suspended immediately.

The fans of Paris FC also committed the same act and after several minutes, just everyone returned to the stands. Given what happened, the authorities announced that the game would not continue this day, but would announce the decision within the next few hours.

At the same time that the news was known, the Olympique Lyon fans left another image for the scandal: they reached their benches and lit a flare. Recall that the club had already been sanctioned, because of its supporters, with playing three games behind empty doors, in addition to the subtraction of one point, for the bottle against Dimitri Payet in the clash against Marseille.


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