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Above Poland and Norway: the great teams that Peru surpasses in the FIFA ranking

This Thursday, in the morning hours, the new and last FIFA ranking of 2021 was known. In this list the peruvian team is located in position 22 after their respective victories over Bolivia and Venezuela in the Qualifying Qatar 2022.

SEE | The Peruvian team once again surpasses Chile in the FIFA rankings for December | PHOTO

Along these lines, the FIFA ranking has also allowed us to see world powers such as Robert Lewandowski’s Poland or Erling Haaland’s Norway be surpassed by Red-White in terms of points. Below, learn about the important teams that fell short of everyone’s team.

  • Poland (27)
  • Norway (41)
  • Serbia (23)
  • Russia (34)
  • Scotland (38)
  • Ukraine (25)
  • Austria (31)
  • Czech Republic (32)
  • Turkey (37)
  • Japan (26)
  • Morocco (28)
  • Algeria (29)
  • Slovakia (42)
  • Egypt (45)
  • Albania (66)
  • Bosnia (61)
  • Finland (58)
  • Northern Ireland (54)
  • Republic of Ireland (47)
  • Romania (44)

It is worth mentioning that Belgium (1) continues to lead the FIFA ranking and is followed by Brazil (2), France (3), England (4), Argentina (5), Italy (6), Spain (7), Portugal (8) , Denmark (9) and Holland (10).

Location of Peru in the last FIFA ranking | Photo: Screenshot.

When does Peru play in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers?

The peruvian team He will have action again in the Qualifiers in January (28) and February (1) of next year. First they will face Colombia in Barranquilla and then they will host Ecuador in Lima.


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