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The Cream Night is postponed: the key hours that led to this decision to the University administration

The Monumental Stadium was ready to vibrate again after almost two years this Saturday, January 8, in the Night Cream 2022 Come in Sports University and Millionaires of Colombia. However, the game that was going to have 18 thousand spectators was suspended, El Comercio was able to learn about it. The decision taken by the administration has been binding after the new measures adopted by the Peruvian Government for COVID-19. And also, six players tested positive in the squad tests.

“Our institution has always prioritized the health and integrity of our workers, therefore, we are forced to postpone the Night Cream 2022,” the statement cites.

On the night of Wednesday, January 5, in an interview with Justice for the U, the administrator Jean Ferrari announced that “the Cream Night is going yes or yes, we are just going to wait for the start of the date of the new restrictions.” Today in the morning, the new decree that integrates Lima and Callao at a high alert level was made official in the El Peruano newspaper. That is, it is impossible to play with the public this Saturday the 8th.

Also, another problem appeared yesterday on the road while the Peruvian authorities announced the new restrictions. From Colombia, the newspaper El Tiempo reported that the Millonarios campus had 7 infected with COVID-19. “If Millonarios does not come, we handle a couple more options as rivals,” Ferrari said Wednesday night.

According to the University administration, the intention is to offer a quality show, with an international rival. The rush and haste to change teams at the last minute was not in the institution’s plans, for this reason, it was decided to suspend the Cream Night and hope that the measures imposed by the State will be more flexible in the coming weeks.

What will happen to the tickets?

“We put the Teleticket platform and our service channels at the disposal of all people who request a refund of their money or choose an alternative of exchange than communicators in the coming days,” says the statement from the U about what will happen with the tickets bought by fans for Cream Night 2022.

In this way, in case the game is definitely not replayed, the spectators will know the possibilities they will have for the return of their money or to be able to acquire a ticket for an important game this season.

Cases in the ‘U’

According to RPP, yesterday it was announced that the tests carried out in Campo Mar, where the University performs the preseason, yielded four positive cases of COVID-19. Among those four, two would be players and are without symptoms and completely isolated from the squad. Today the number of infected among the players of the ‘U’ grew to six.


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