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Gastón Acurio recalled anecdote with Johan Cruyff at the 1974 World Cup in Germany

Lima, January 9, 2022Updated on 01/09/2022 04:28 pm

Gastón Acurio, one of the most recognized Peruvian chefs in the world, never hid his passion for soccer. The also businessman used his Instagram account to tell a special anecdote he has with the most popular sport in the world.

The story was in the 1974 World Cup. Gastón was just a child and he collected the album of that edition, but he was missing the most complicated figure: that of the Dutchman. Johan Cruyff. The anecdote relates to his first time eating waffle ice cream.

“It was thanks to Johan Cruyff that I tried my first waffle ice cream. It was the year 1974 and the sticker album of the World Cup players only needed to be filled, the figurine of the legendary Dutch player. I remember that my father, when he saw my tantrum face, solved the matter by taking me to the San José park in Jesús María, where collectors gathered who almost always had that little figurine that you lacked”.

Gastón does not usually talk much about personal issues, but in sports matters he did. In a past interview for Somos magazine, the chef chose the best Peruvian player of all time: Cesar Cueto. I have a guilty pleasure. Sometimes on sleepless nights I find peace in the video summaries of his plays “.

He also showed his admiration for Paolo Guerrero, the top scorer of the Peruvian team: “Paolo is moved and moved and cries for his shirt. He is a Peruvian Warrior “.


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