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Peruvian national team: performance of the possible starters and aspects to improve to face Colombia

“These are games that we are doing so that some boys arrive in the best way”, he pointed Ricardo Gareca about the friendly that played the peruvian national team against Panama this Sunday and the next against Jamaica on Thursday. The result (draw 1-1) is set aside. The important thing is that those summoned from League 1 and the guests from Major League Soccer -two leagues stopped at the moment- do not lose pace facing the key matches against Colombia (01/28) and Ecuador (02/01) for the Qatar 2022 Qualifying.

The Bicolor equalized with the Panamanian team. Alex Valera took advantage of a rebound after a shot by Horacio Calcaterra to score the 1-0. The Universitario de Deportes striker also scored his first goal with the national team and became the first footballer to score this year with the national team. Abdiel Ayarza, who will play for Cusco FC in 2022, put the final 1-1 after an error on our team’s exit.

Just as Reinaldo Rueda drew conclusions in Colombia vs. Honduras this Sunday -almost at the same time as the friendly against Peru-, Ricardo Gareca continues to fill his notebook with notes. There is no margin for error in what is to come. La Blanquirroja (5th with 17 points) will visit the Colombian cast in two weeks (4th, 17 pts.) and a few days later they will host Ecuador (3rd, 23 pts.).

The ticket to Russia is still within reach, but it will not be easy to put it in your pocket. The road is difficult and these friendlies are very useful for the coach. Next we will tell you how we saw in the writing of DT Trade to those who may possibly be summoned for the double date of the Qualifiers.

Pedro Gallese

The Panamanian team arrived little. In fact, he finished off the Peruvian goal just twice, one of them ending in a goal. But when it was demanded, Pedro Gallese showed why a few months ago he was nominated for best goalkeeper in the world. In a one-on-one match, he saved the national team from the first goal for the visitor. His performance, of 7 points on average in the last games with the national team, will be vital to seek the historic victory in Barranquilla.

Christian Ramos

Surely a starter against Colombia, Christian pours all his experience into the field. Against Panama he reached 90 games, being the second center-back in the history of the Bicolor to do so. He is only surpassed by the great Héctor Chumpitaz (105), the eternal captain. The ‘Shadow’ is a leader, a technical voice to order when the team is defending. He didn’t have a great game, but he knows how to complement himself with his partner at the back, Alexander Callens.

Yes indeed, Given the speed of the Colombian attackers, it could suffer more than necessary in open spaces. He will not collide with a static ‘9’ like Dubán Zapata (injured), but against Rafael Santos Borre (shaky) and even the winger Luis Diaz (fast).

Alexander Callens

Major League Soccer champion with New York City and nominated for best defenseman of the year in the US tournament, the Chalaco closed a round 2021, being the undisputed starter in the Peruvian team as well. That’s why it’s vital that he doesn’t lose pace heading into the Playoffs matches. Secure at the back and quick to cover spaces, Callens was once again a stronghold in the national defense.

In addition, he knows both the position and the area that the position covers well when Marcos López goes on the attack. He is attentive to coverage, something that will be important against Colombia, since Juan Cuadrado usually attacks in that area.

Alexander Callens and Christian Ramos would be the pair of central vs.  Colombia.  (Photo: Jesus Saucedo / GEC)

Mark Lopez

The statistics show the number of passes made and meters traveled, but they cannot measure the solvency that the left back has acquired to get the ball out of the bottom. Nor the criteria to know when to pass and when it is better to hold back. When he was exchanged for Nilson Loyola, the Panamanian goal came, precisely from the left wing.

Aldo Corzo

Regular substitute for Luis Advíncula, the man from Universitario has been used by Ricardo Gareca in matches in which it is necessary to take care of the goal at zero. A context that will be experienced in Colombia in two weeks, since the winger would replace ‘Rayo’, suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards. Corzo, as always, showed concentration in defense, watching his back, but when they faced him at speed he always gave advantages. In case of starting before the coffee growers

Christofer Gonzáles

Against Panama he played in the position of Yoshimar Yotún, who could start against the coffee growers. He then switched positions as a winger. Two places in a party demonstrate one of his virtues that could help in what remains. He generated danger and got along better with Marcos López in attack, although he will have to release the ball faster because the Colombian team knows how to press with Cuellar and Lerma, two cutting midfielders, and comes off against with fast attackers. An error in possession could cost us dearly.

The image that worries everyone at this time: Marcos López injured on the substitute bench in Peru vs.  Panama.  (Photo: Jesus Saucedo / GEC)


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