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Gary Medel gave a forceful response to the complaints of Argentina and his complaints of mistreatment in Chile

Lima, January 28, 2022Updated on 01/28/2022 11:31 am

Gary Medel, a benchmark for the Chilean national team, faced the media after the 1-2 defeat against his counterpart from Argentina, which took them away from the dream of going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The player analyzed what happened in the field and also outside it, as the rivals complained about the mistreatment they received when they stepped on Mapochi soil.

So, the “Pitbull” went back to a situation that occurred when the “Red” visited the Argentines. The Bologna center-back recalled that they took longer than necessary in the controls they carry out at the airport and, on top of that, they disputed a commitment in an inland city in these Qualifiers.

“This also happens to us. They have to eat it quietly. They made us go to Buenos Aires and then to Santiago del Estero. They do not have anything to say. They also make us wait three hours with the controls “, expressed Medel, referring to the duel on June 3 of last year that ended 1-1 due to goals from Lionel Messi and Alexis Sánchez.

What happened to the Albiceleste?

To enter context, Medel responded in this way after the testimony of Rodrigo de Paul. The midfielder of the Argentine team revealed at a press conference that they not only had problems at the airport. The harassment also moved towards the concentration hotel, where the air conditioning did not work, there was noise and they did not have water.

“I think things could have been done differently. We had to spend almost three hours at the airport, without letting us go to the bathroom, making us drop our bags after two and a half hours of travel. We try to put the best predisposition “, revealed the midfielder of the Albiceleste and Atlético de Madrid.

“We arrived at the hotel, in the rooms it was between 30 and 32 degrees, the air conditioners were not working, we had to open the window to sleep, when we opened the window there were sirens. People couldn’t sleep well. Today we got up, we had no water”, revealed the midfielder of the Argentine team.

Of course, in the midst of everything that has happened, De Paul considers that the journey through Chile will leave a positive lesson for the members of the Albiceleste. “As a group we have to take the dimension of the match that we get ahead, which will make us grow a lot on a mental level”, said the midfielder of the national team.

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