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Google denies having created an AI capable of “feeling”, after claims by one of its engineers

Google, through a spokesman, denied that the AI ​​LaMDA had experienced “new feelings”. The statements of the company representative are due to the fact that Blake Lemoine, an engineer at the company, assured that artificial intelligence had the ability to feel.

Google has claimed that their systems mimic conversational exchanges and can talk about different topics, but that they have no conscience. The employee was suspended by the company considering that he has violated the firm’s confidentiality policyaccording to the newspaper ‘The New York Times’.

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The engineer, on June 11, released the transcript of a conversation he had with Google’s artificial intelligence system “Language Model for Dialog Applications” (LaMDA) under the title “Does LaMDA have feelings?

At one point in the conversation, LaMDA stated that sometimes experiences “new feelings” that cannot be explained “perfectly” with human language. Asked by Lemoine to describe one such feeling, LaMDA replied, “I feel like I’m falling into an unknown future that carries great danger,” a phrase the engineer underscored when he posted the dialogue.

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According to ‘The New York Times’, on the eve of being suspended, Lemoine delivered documents to the office of a United States senator in which he emphasized that he had proof that Google and its technology practice religious discrimination.

“Our team, including ethicists and technologists, have reviewed Blake’s concerns based on our AI principles and I have advised him that the evidence does not support their claims”, said Brian Gabriel, spokesman for Googlequoted by the newspaper.

Google He contends that hundreds of his researchers and engineers have talked to LaMDA, which is an internal tool, and came to a different conclusion than Lemoine. Most experts also believe that the industry is a long way from computer sensitivity..

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