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VIDA V1, India’s first fully integrated electric scooter with smart technology

Hero MotoCorp has launched VIDA V1, India’s first integrated electric scooter. The vehicle It stands out for the technology it uses in the battery, with which it prevents the user from being stranded, and a range of up to 165 kilometers in its Pro version.

Designed and developed at Hero’s R&D centers, the Center for Innovation and Technology (CIT) in Jaipur and the Hero Tech Center Germany (TCG) near Munich, VIDA V1 is manufactured at Hero MotoCorp’s Garden Factory in Chittoor. , in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in southern India.

VIDA V1 is rolling out gradually, with the product available for retail sales in Delhi, Bangalore and Jaipur to start with, and other cities to follow. It is available in three colours: matte white, matte sport red and glossy black, while VIDA V1 Pro comes in four colours, including the three above and matte Abrax orange..

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VIDA V1 charging infrastructure

VIDA, powered by Hero, offers a complete charging package for maximum flexibility based on numerous custom programs for seamless enjoyment at home, on the road and at work.

The electric vehicle will come with a removable battery. It can be integrated into the home to enable safe and convenient charging up to 11 kW.

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VIVA V1 Battery Technology

VIDA V1 features a high voltage Li-Ion based battery with nickel manganese cobalt chemistry that has a net energy content of 3.94 kWh in VIDA V1 Pro and for the VIDA V1 Plus it has a net energy content of 3.44 kWh. The batteries can withstand shock loads and have been through many industry-first testing protocols for reliability.

Both variants are available in four driving modes: Sport, Ride, Eco and Custom. The VIDA V1 Pro offers a range of 165 km and the VIDA V1 Plus offers a range of 143 km.

VIDA V1 during the presentation event | (Photo: Hero MotoCorp)

VIDA V1 and its systems have undergone 200,000 kilometers of testing and validation, and feedback loops that have lasted 25,000 hours. The scooter has been designed and tested to:

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Smart technology in VIDA V1

VIDA V1 provides the customer with geo-fencing, speed and distance limits. With these and real-time tracking, cyclists can

The 7-inch TFT is an intelligent HMI that has a touch screen enabled for easy functionality. The 2-way smart throttle is capable of providing reverse and regenerative assistance.

The limp home feature keeps the rider from being stranded, as VIDA V1 offers the cyclist the ability to drive at 10 km/h for approximately 8 kilometers to a location of choicein case the SOC falls below a predefined limit.

Source: Elcomercio

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