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Second-hand electric cars: Europe raises law to check battery status

The electric cars they are expensive, despite the Chinese models and the economic incentives applied by some countries that facilitate and expand the purchase of this type of vehicle, more economical and much less polluting.

For this reason, selling second-hand is also a good option. And to have better control, Europe will debate on November 9 a law that introduces a series of emissions monitoring obligations and, in the case of plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles, monitoring the degradation of their batteries.

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In other words, by means of a standard it will be mandatory to evaluate the condition of a battery before buying it second-hand. This proposal opens a new space for the regulation of electric vehicles.

In addition, according to the Passion Motor page, this standard eliminates the uncertainty about the possible degradation of the battery, since this is one of the problems when selling a second-hand electrified car.

On the other hand, manufacturers will also be forced to ensure that the traction battery meets a minimum durability, which will be monitored like the emissions of gasoline cars, via remote data transmission OTA (over the air).

But there is another problem that remains unsolved. According to the report, the problem is that currently, there is no clear way to know the degradation of a battery without going through an official workshop.

Source: Elcomercio

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