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The White House deletes a tweet after Twitter added a label to verify the information

The White House withdrew a tweet to which Twitter had added context that relativized the scope of information provided by President Joe Biden’s communication service, a few days before crucial mid-term elections in the United States.

Seniors have gotten the biggest increase in their pensions in 10 years under President Biden’s leadership”, tweeted the official White House account. But the social network added a mention to the message, specifying that pensions are indexed with the inflation rateunder a 1972 law signed by Richard Nixon (a Republican president).

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The initial tweet, which has since been deleted, “it was not complete” and lacked “context”, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre admitted. The Twitter context notes are written by independent contributors to the Birdwatch program, an initiative of the blue bird’s social network to combat misinformationand are supported by relevant posts if enough different people find them “useful”.

This means that the algorithm takes into account not only how many contributors rated a note as ‘Helpful’ or ‘Not Helpful’but also whether the people who rated it represent different perspectives”, Twitter explained in a statement on October 6, when the Californian company launched this program in the United States.

Community note system is great”, Elon Musk, the new owner of the social network, reacted this Wednesday in response to a user who shared a screenshot of the deleted tweet along with the context note.

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Our goal is to make Twitter the most accurate source of information in the worldregardless of political affiliation”, added the American billionaire of South African origin.

Musk, the richest man in the world and head of the Tesla and SpaceX companies, bought the influential Twitter platform last Thursday, after six months of comings and goings and tensions with many users, managers of the social network (now fired) and NGOs.

Musk defends less strict content moderation than the current one, he says, to promote more freedom of expression. The American right, which considers itself censored on major social networks, approves of this view. But its critics believe that the limits established by the regulations, which prohibit harassment, hate speech and disinformation in particular, do not prevent useful debates from being generated.

Source: Elcomercio

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