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Google Lens is implemented in the search engine of the desktop version of Google

Google you have entered direct access to your service Google Lens in the bar of your search engine in the desktop version, where before only the microphone icon appeared to perform voice searches.

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Google Lens is an image recognition mobile application developed by Google that is designed to perform visual analysis. Thus, it is able to identify objects, read texts and translate them or find similar products, among other functions.

Currently, the Google search bar only integrates the Lens button in the search engine widget for smartphones. Once pressed, a menu is displayed that offers several options: ‘Translate’, ‘Text’, ‘Search’, ‘Task’ and ‘Purchases’.

This shortcut to Google’s text and object scanning, image search service also includes a shortcut to screenshots and images saved in the mobile device’s gallery.

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On the contrary, the Google search engine in its web version has shown all this time its usual text field to enter the desired word or phrase, as well as the icon of a microphone to search by voice instead of by text.

However, Google’s Vice President of Engineering and head of Lens, Rajan Patel, has announced via Twitter that the company has integrated Lens into the desktop finder bar.

Patel has acknowledged that even though “Google’s home page doesn’t change often,” Google is always working on “expand the types of questions that can be asked” and improve the way the platform responds.

Source: Elcomercio

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