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After a year on the market, Windows 11 is only installed on 1 in 6 PCs: what is the reason for its failure?

There is no doubt that the preferred operating system on computers and laptops is Microsoft’s. Windows it is installed on 76% of all computers. However, its latest version has not penetrated users as much as expected.

According to Statcounter statistics, only the 15.4% of PCs have installed Windows 11 in October 2022. That’s just 1 in 6 PCs. A figure that can be considered very low, considering that it is a free update.

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Microsoft’s most recent operating system was launched on October 5, 2021. More than a year has passed and the adoption figures are quite scant, especially when compared to its previous version, Windows 10, which gets 71.29% of preferences. at least beats Windows 7, which has 9.61% adoption.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Windows Version Market Share

Statcounter is a signature that examines operating systems that record billions of web pages, since when a website receives a visit, it stores the system that the device uses to connect. Therefore, their figures are quite reliable.

Why the low demand for Windows 11?

According to the specialized portal ComputerHoy, one of the main reasons are the high security requirements. Requires that the PC has the chip TPM 2.0, which leaves out all equipment sold more than 4 or 5 years ago. And most users, both home and business, don’t feel the need to change that part just to upgrade their operating system.

Another reason is that the new system has not brought great noveltiesit is even more limited to manage than Windows 10 if using a desktop computer.

And finally, the benchmarks show that games and many applications run up to 10% slower in Windows 11 than in Windows 10, This is largely due to the many layers of security in the system.

Source: Elcomercio

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