The submarine can reach faster speeds than the average dolphin U-Boat Worx / SWNS

A new luxury submarine can carry three passengers at amazing speeds at depths of up to 300 meters (984 feet) underwater.

Dutch company U-Boat Worx claims its spherical Super Sub is “the most dynamic submarine the world has ever seen”.

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Bert Houtman, CEO of U-Boat Worx, says: ‘We are very pleased with this development.’

The spherical Super Sub will launch in 2023 U-Boat Worx / SWNS
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“We’ve worked hard on it and now that we have the most dynamic submarine we couldn’t be happier.”

The Super Sub has a propulsion system with four powerful motors delivering 60 kW of thrust.

In combination with the oars, it allows for steep climbs and dives of 30 degrees.

The result is the “smoothest, most thrilling underwater experience”, all while maintaining 360-degree visibility.

It can carry two passengers and a pilot (Credits: U-Boat Worx/SWNS)

starting price? Probably around £4.8m (Credits: U-Boat Worx / SWNS)

The submarine has been sold to its first owner and U-Boat Worx will conduct sea trials in the spring of 2023.