From statement gifts to stockings (Photo: Google/Epic Stuff/The Rolling Stones/Nikon)

It’s hard to buy gifts for gadget fans, especially if you’re apathetic to technology yourself.

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How do you separate sophisticated, eye-catching purchases from valuable but ephemeral clutter? And what on earth do all these technical terms mean?

Now that Christmas is here, we’ve been delighting techies everywhere and bringing together the best value and quality gadgets on the market.

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From stylish clocks and epic speakers to groovy headphones and some seriously impressive toy cars (where were they when we were young?), we’ve got you covered.

google pixel watch

Time for a (better) watch (Photo: Google)

With a watch face as smooth as marble and a strap so light that most other watches feel uncomfortable, the Google Pixel Watch is first and foremost a triumph of hardware design.

Plus, the Pixel Watch not only offers everything you’d expect from a modern smartwatch (directions/music/payments and, you know, time), but it also integrates Fitbit technology, making it the perfect mobile workout partner.

Get it from the Google Store for £399.

Furry biker cake maker

Hairy Bikers Pie Maker, €35

Easy as pie (Photo: Included)

Is there anything warmer and more wintry than a steaming cake? This would make a fantastic gift for a budding chef.

Of course, cakes are not difficult to make without a cake maker. But with one, you can look forward to a professional finish every time. This clever invention from Hairy Bikers makes the whole process really satisfying and easy. Goodbye sandwich makers, we are now pie people.

Buy it for £35 from Menkind.

BMW Roadster electric rideable vehicle

BMW Roadster Ride-In

Drive on (Photo: Epic Stuff)

When you look at the BMW Roadster Electric, you might think you’re looking at a real car. It is certainly more advanced than most ride-on vehicles.

Your child can receive a friend in the passenger seat, listen to tunes on the built-in music system and go on a trip. And you can happily wave them off, knowing that you can control the vehicle with a remote control if you get nervous!

Get it for £339.95 from Epic Stuff.

cinder cup

cinder cup

Don’t be a pitcher (Photo: Ember)

Nothing is more annoying than lukewarm coffee in the morning.

That’s why the geniuses at Ember Mugs designed a drinking cup that will keep your chosen hot drink at the desired temperature for an hour and a half – or if you use their special charging coaster, all day long!

Get it for £149.99 from Ember.

Aura Carver frame

Aura Carver frame

Get in the picture (Photo: Aura Frames)

This color-calibrated digital photo frame lets you view entire albums of family photos quickly, easily and in high quality.

Why take all these pictures if you can’t show them to the world?

Get it for £149 from Aura Frames.

V-Moda x Rolling Stones Crossfade 2

V-Moda x Rolling Stones Crossfade 2

For your satisfaction (Photo: The Rolling Stones)

We all like to hear our music in the highest possible quality. But you can’t always get what you want (geddit?).

Still, these comfortable and funky headphones from the Rolling Stones store on Soho’s legendary Carnaby Street should help achieve that goal.

Buy it for £195 from the Rolling Stones store on Carnaby Street.

Sonos Sub mini speaker

Sonos submini

Listen to us (Photo: Sonos)

This is easily the product with the most tongue-in-cheek name on our list. Mini by name, but by no means by nature, this speaker can fuel the craziest house parties and deliver an epic soundtrack to movies shown in your home theater.

For Sonos, size really isn’t everything.

Get it for £429.99 from Sonos.

Nikon Z30 camera

Nikon Z30

Snap Happy (Photo: Nikon)

For serious vloggers, filming on your smartphone is just not good enough. The Nikon Z 30 camera adds the depth of field and detail that mobile phone cameras can’t offer.

It’s also light enough to be perfect for travel, meaning your holiday snaps will soon get a serious upgrade.

Get it for £649 from Nikon.

Humax Wi-Fi smart plug and energy monitor

Smart Wi-Fi plug from Humax

Here to help (Photo: Humax)

In the digital age, everything is connected, which threatens to make life a succession of faffs.

Humax helps prevent this by making everything simple: from tracking your energy output to turning appliances on and off. In the midst of an energy crisis, it’s one of the most useful gifts you can give this Christmas.

Get it for £14.95 from Humax Direct.