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Do you know your employment benefits? This app is becoming popular among workers

Today working conditions have been undergoing some changes, especially with the spread of teleworking and other alternatives after the COVID-19 pandemic. But one app call Cobee seeks to help in this area.

It is an application developed by a Spanish start-up, and which has begun to become popular not only in its country. It already has a presence in Portugal, Mexico and other European countries. In addition, it works with more than 800 international companies that are based in countries like Peru.

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This application has been working on including benefits related to physical and mental well-being, which are increasingly in demand. It keeps workers up to date on benefits such as food vouchers, gym, dental insurance or training courses.

The company behind the application appreciated in 2009, but has received financial support from Octopus Ventures and Notion Capital, reported the Xataka page.

Cobee keeps workers informed about their employment benefits. (Photo:

And why has the offer of benefits grown? According to Nick Sando, director of Octopus Ventures, this expansion is due to increased competition and mobility in the labor market. This has caused the benefits offered by companies to be a necessary tool for attracting and retaining employees.

But the app does not only show the benefits. It also helps calculate compensation through an observatory that assesses the real impact on salary. In addition, through a blog it reports on social benefits, flexible remuneration, employee experience, among other topics.

Source: Elcomercio

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