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Does Ibai say goodbye to Twitch? The streamer would be one step away from moving to YouTube

The well-known Spanish sports streamer, Ibai Llanos, would be about to say goodbye to twitch to make the big leap to YouTube. The issue came up because his contract with the well-known platform is about to end.

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The specialized media Genbeta managed to collect the character’s statements in one of his streamings, where he said that “even if it goes against my interests, there are only two possibilities: YouTube and Twitch”.

The streamer said that while Twitch is a good platform for streaming, he made it clear that “There are many other things I don’t like”. YouTube would be his next direct home, where he also has almost 10 million subscribers.

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He has also commented that the decision to change has already been made and that both involved have already accepted the agreement, but that he will not make the official announcement yet. For now, the character will still be on the purple platform until December 31st.

As is known, until recently, those who created content on Twitch could not broadcast any live on another platform; however, this has changed which has prompted several streamers to switch platforms.

Source: Elcomercio

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