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Qatar 2022: this is the NASA technology that Neymar uses to speed up the recovery from his injury

The athlete from Brazil, Neymar Jr, was injured in the match against Serbia in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. According to the doctors, he sprained his ankle and in the middle of the event they went to the technology from NASA to expedite the recovery process, so that the footballer can continue participating in the tournament.

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In one of the stories of the player’s social networks, it is shown how the ankle is and what elements do you use to improve inflammation.

This is how Neymar’s injury remained. (Photo: The Time)

In photos, he revealed that he must use a compression boot and, according to the Marca outlet, Neymar is using NASA technology that is based on improving blood circulationavoid cramps and eliminate lactic acid that is accumulated in the place of injury.

“The boot combines three different massage techniques and activates blood circulation. It also stimulates venous return, reduces swelling, relieves pain, reduces muscle fatigue, eliminates accumulated lactic acid, cramps, and improves soft tissue and bone healing,” the article says.

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This technology would be of the latest generation and is used for the recovery of athletes of all ranks or levels.. This process would have the success that the healing of the professionals is 97%.

“As indicated on their own website, NormaTec’s new generation 2.0 series is designed to offer full recovery to athletes of all levels. The 2.0 series systems are 27% smaller while maintaining the performance that has made NormaTec the recovery system trusted by 97% of professional teams”says the cited media.

Finally, the athlete left a clear message on his Instagram about what his injury means in the middle of the most important championship in the world.

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“Today has become one of the most difficult moments of my career… and again in a World Cup I have an injury, yes, boring, it’s going to hurt but I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to come back because I’ll do my best to help my country…Long time to wait for the enemy to take me down like this? NEVER! I am an IMPOSSIBLE SON OF GOD and my FAITH is infinite”he said in a photo touching his chest.

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