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Samsung would make the self-repair of our cell phones a reality with its new application

samsung Electronics works on a new app mobile under the name ‘Self Repair Assistant’ that has the objective of helping users to self-repair certain damages on their own devices.

The Korean company has registered a trademark application with this mobile application before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, using the name ‘Self Repair Assistant’ and with an Android-style icon, with a blue background and a white gear with a wrench inside.

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In this sense, it is a consulting and information service for users regarding their devices. As Samsung has indicated in the application, the app is a “computer application software for mobile phones” which will focus on self-installation, self-repair and self-maintenance of smart watches, tablets, mobile phones and headphones.

That is, this app will allow customers to obtain information on how to repair their Samsung mobile devices through guides and other data such as parts information. Although, for the moment, the registration of the application has to be confirmed and it is not a guarantee that ‘Self Repair Assistant’ will be launched definitively, according to what SamMobile has collected.

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With this in mind, Samsung already started a repair program for owners of Galaxy devices such as mobiles and tablets in the summer. In it, it partnered with the online repair community iFixit, in addition to giving users access to original device parts as well as repair tools (specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab7+).

This is yet another step forward by the technology company in providing customers with resources to repair their devices, as well as trying to choose to extend the life of their products and thus contribute to the environment.

Source: Elcomercio

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