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Qatar 2022: how is Al Hilm, the new ball with artificial intelligence that will be used from the semifinals

The last four matches of the World Cup Qatar 2022the two semi-finals, the clash for third place and the grand final, will be played with a new ball, called Al Hilm in Arabic, which means ‘The Dream’.

Al Hilm takes over from Al Rihla (The trip), which has been used in the first sixty matches of the first World Cup event in a Middle Eastern country.

With a different graphic design, Al Hilm also has the technology linked to offside detection that allows decisions to be made in this regard more quickly and accurately.

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The new technology combines artificial intelligence with data provided by the inertial measurement unit (IMU) located in the center of the ball. When linked to the semi-automated system for the detection of offside, Allows you to check the exact moment the ball is played in tight situations of illegal position.

With the development of ball linked technology, Adidas has made it possible for the video referee team to have a very important new level of information. The data provided by the ball open the door to a new way of understanding and narrating the exceptional plays of this World Cup”, explained Johannes Holzmüller, director of FIFA’s Football Technological Innovation Branch.

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According to the German brand, the design is studied to respect the environment. In fact, it is the first ball of the semifinals and the final of the World Cup Made exclusively with water-based inks and glues.

The golden background and the subtle triangular motifs are inspired by the deserts that surround the city of Dohathe color of the FIFA World Cup trophy and the Qatar flag print.

Source: Elcomercio

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