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How to have your own Tamagotchi on any Android phone

The virtual pet that was a hit in the 90s returned a few months ago to arouse the nostalgia of millions, but this time with new characters and features that current technology allows. If you wanted to see a grow up tamagotchi but you do not want a “little egg” to carry, good news, now you can take it in the cell phone.

The Tamagotchi is a virtual pet created by Aki Maita that was released in 1996 in Japan by Bandai. Back then it only consisted of a small black and white screen, and three buttons at the bottom. It showed a pixelated character who had to be fed, cleaned, pampered and entertained.

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It was a worldwide bestseller, but technology began to advance and these pets were forgottenuntil now.

How to have your Tamagotchi on any Android cell phone?

If you want to “take care” of a Tamagotchi again, don’t worry. You can have it on any Android smartphone.

The app is available in the Play Store My Tamagotchi Foreverthis is the official Tamagotchi game.

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Although the experience is a bit different, in this app you will be able to enjoy this reinvention of the classic toyadopt different characters and enjoy many mini-games and puzzles with them.

The best thing is that it was developed by Bandai, so it is based on the brainchild of Tamagotchi.

The download is freeHowever, it includes ads and you can make purchases within the app.

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