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Messenger audio and video calls can now be end-to-end encrypted

Facebook announced on Friday the arrival of a new tool on its Messenger application, reports Phonandroid. “We are rolling out the option to make end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls on Messenger,” the social network wrote on its blog. It was already possible to end-to-end encryption of all conversations on Messenger since 2016.

Facebook has therefore decided to extend this functionality, and in particular after noticing an explosion of communications on the messaging application. “Over the past year, we have seen an increase in the use of audio and video calls with more than 150 million video calls per day on Messenger,” says the company.

Encryption “works like a lock and a key”

In order to take advantage of this encryption, all you have to do is activate the option within the interface. However, it is imperative that the interlocutor does the same and activate this feature on his application. The call will then be encrypted, which “means that no one, not even Facebook, can see or listen to what is sent or said,” says the California group.

End-to-end encryption “is becoming the industry standard and functions as a lock and key, where only you and the people on the chat or on the call have access to the conversation,” Facebook adds on its blog. The social network wants to test the encryption first with people who already have an existing thread. The option should then be offered to all users of the application.


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