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France sanctions Microsoft for not allowing the rejection of “cookies” in its Bing browser

The French data protection authority, CNIL, sanctioned the American giant Microsoft with a fine of 60 million euros (64 million dollars) for not allowing to reject the “cookies” in your browser Bingaccording to a statement on Thursday.

It is the most important fine decreed in 2022 by this body, which last year announced a control campaign against websites that do not respect the rules regarding these files that are installed to personalize and facilitate navigation or obtain information from users.

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In the past, the CNIL had already punished Google, Facebook and Amazon.

In its decision, this entity urges Microsoft to correct these practices on its “” website within three months or it must pay a fine of 60,000 euros (64,000 dollars) per day of delay.

The CNIL explains that, until March 29, French users could not reject “cookies” on their Bing search engine without going through a cumbersome process.

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It also indicated that it had detected the installation of two “cookies” without the consent of Internet users that were used for advertising purposes.

The Google search engine and the Facebook social network were sanctioned in December 2021 by the CNIL with fines of 150 and 60 million euros (160 and 64 million dollars) for similar issues.

A year earlier, the same Google and Amazon were fined for not sufficiently informing users about these files.

Source: Elcomercio

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