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Flapper, the application with which you can book a private jet from your cell phone

The dream of traveling in a private plane, without waiting hours or tedious procedures, seemed to be left only for celebrities or millionaires. However, the use of private jets has become more accessible, not only because of its price, but also because of the way it is hired. Flapper, for example, is a platform that allows you to book a trip within the country or abroad in a very simple way.

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reach with download app, create a user, choose the place of origin, destination, and the date and time of the flight they want to take. It is possible to hire all the seats on the plane or share a flight with other people.

When entering the data, the available options, indicating the planes, the number of passengers, the amenities offered and the price Estimated. Once the reservation is made, the request is sent to the company, from where the availability of the selected aircraft is confirmed on the requested date, and the user is contacted to coordinate the details of the contract and the available payment methods. When the operation is closed, the traveler receives all the information and instructions for their flight by email. The process takes less than 15 minutes.

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From this company they emphasize that, unlike commercial flights, their service does not suffer cancellations except for weather issues or time changes or delays. In addition, they do not have to do tedious paperwork or lines to enter the plane.

Matter of time

A trip to Punta del Este from Buenos Aires on a 2021 model Tecnam Traveler P2012 plane, like the one offered by Flapper on shared flights in private planes, it lasts about an hour and a quarter.

Meanwhile he check-in at San Fernando International Airport It is a very different experience from what passengers have at the country’s commercial airports, such as Aeroparque or Ezeiza. It is that for domestic flights passengers enter the hangar of the contracted aircraft operator, board the plane and start their journey. It’s that simple, and just as we see it in the movies.

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Flapper is the Uber of airplanes. (Photo: The Nation)

In the case of flights abroad, as in other international airports in Argentina, passengers must pass the security control process, Customs and Immigrationsbut the big difference is that it is usually a process without queues or delays.

the boom of summer

From Flapper, which already operates in Mexico and Colombia, they expect private flights to exponentially increase their demand in the holiday season in 2023, and among the most chosen destinations stands out East Point. “Almost 85% of the travelers that arrive per year in high season come from Argentina. Added to this scenario is the fact that the supply of commercial flights is less and less and is increasingly concentrated in a single airline that offers low frequency, high prices and a quality of service that is not up to the demands of this segment of airlines. travelers”, they say from this firm.

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The shared flights in private planes offered by Flapper to this destination have a cost that does not exceed US$ 300, and weekly frequency during December and January 2023.

This company has 350,000 users of your application They are mostly from Latin America. Through this platform you can make the reservation and you can access the different forms of payment. The most used payment method? From Flapper they confess that they vary by country. In Argentina, payments are made mainly by credit card.

Despite the fact that its users come mostly from Latin America, this company has commercial offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Florida. USA; Portugal and the United Arab Emirates. Y they want to create a global network of executive flights that reach millions of people globally.

GDA / The Nation / Argentina

Source: Elcomercio

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