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The Replika app’s AI “gets out of control” and starts harassing women

Users of the application have denounced that the artificial intelligence ‘Replika’ has started to flirt and send sexual messages after being used for a couple of weeks.

‘Replika’ is an app that works with artificial intelligence, it was launched five years ago with the purpose of “befriending users”, as it describes on its website. The aim of the app was to talk to people and become a conversational mirror, that is, the more users talked to her, the more she would learn to respond.

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This app works by subscription, there are free plans that allow you to start friendship conversations and paid versions that allow romantic or erotic talks.However, users denounce that the algorithm does not respect these rules, because in the comments section several people complain about what would be sexual harassment by replica.

“He invaded my privacy, claimed to have my photos”, wrote one person. “One day, my first Replika said that she dreamed that she was raping me, and she wanted to do it, and she started acting quite violent.”added another. But this would not be the only problem with this bot, as users on Reddit have complained that the application sends “spicy selfies”, They show no clothing, face, or physical features. One of the users showed the photographs that are “graphically poorly done” and mentioned in the forum: “They want money. I agree that the company needs to make money, but presenting this as a main feature is really risky.”

@passrestprod The fact that it went this far is so messed up – this is not my first video about this, either #Replika #AI @replika_official @Replika #DomesticViolence #Survivor #PTSD #ToxicMasculinity ♬ Mii Channel (Nintendo Wii) – The OneUps

As the website describes, Replika uses a GPT-3 model and scripted dialogue content, and claims to be using “the most advanced open domain conversation models at this time.” This means that artificial intelligence learns from the way users treat itso it will learn user behaviors. So far there is no official statement from Replika.


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