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This is Write, the tool to correct grammar and punctuation errors that DeepL has just launched

The DeepL machine translation service has launched the beta version of DeepL Write, a free writing tool with artificial intelligence (AI) that corrects grammar and punctuation errors in texts automatically.

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The German company, which was founded by Jaroslaw Kutylowski, launched deepL in August 2017, with the aim of “remove language barriers around the world” through AI, as detailed on its website. Subsequently, it has continued to evolve its services by proposing professional solutions for companies, institutions and translations.

Now, the translation platform has launched the beta version of the tool DeepL Write, with the purpose of improve written expression, for the moment, in English and German. With this service, the AI ​​will propose all kinds of syntax, tone, style, and terminology improvements, as DeepL explains on his blog.

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To execute this project DeepL has used the services of the Grammarly cloud-based writing assistant, according to TechCrunch. A) Yes, uses a technology based on neural networks that capture the context and nuances of the original text and, based on this, propose reformulations or alternative terms.

In this way, it is a monolingual tool in which if you write in English, the corrected text in English is obtained as a result.

Likewise, the project stands out for its variety of options and suggestions that also guarantee that the user perfects everything he writes “keeping your personal touch” in the text. In other words, in addition to detecting grammatical errors, it will provide options for users to choose characteristics such as style, tone of text or wording, when making changes.

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In addition, the proofing service is designed to help any user, whether they write in their native language and want to improve it, or are learning to write in a new language. Likewise, according to the developers, it is a tool “especially helpful” for professionals in the sector, such as writers, academics or journalists.

It is also designed to be used in companies when writing in a “clear and concise” emails, campaign proposals or presentations, as proposed by DeepL.

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In statements collected by TechCrunch, Kutylowski noted that the idea of ​​DeepL Write arose because “People were misusing the translator.” Users used this tool to improve the quality of the texts they had written themselves, exchanging the source language and the target language over and over again in order to obtain new reformulations and synonyms. “They assumed they got the AI ​​to write a better original version,” Kutylowski said.

At the moment, DeepL Write is available in beta version for use on both desktop and mobile through the browser. However, the developers have reported that they continue to work to “perfect” it and ensure that their proposals are “as accurate and relevant as possible.”

Source: Elcomercio

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