TechnologyPopular chatbot ChatGPT passes US law school entrance exam.

Popular chatbot ChatGPT passes US law school entrance exam.


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ChatGPTa conversational robot created by the Californian company Open AIbarely managed to pass the entrance exams of an American law school, after having written a series of theses on topics such as constitutional law or taxation.

This chatbot (a neologism for a robot that can hold conversations thanks to artificial intelligence) uses enormous amounts of information from the Internet to write texts that answer simple questions.

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Since its launch at the end of last year, ChatGPT has aroused admiration but also fear, especially in the educational sector.

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Some results were so convincing that professors at several universities raised concerns that students might just ask the powerful computer program to work for them.

Jonathan Choi, a professor at the University of Minnesota Law School, presented ChatGPT with the same test given to students to obtain their diploma.

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This exam consists of 95 multiple-choice questions and 12 summary questions, corresponding to four disciplines.

The chatbot’s overall grade was a C+, meaning a fair pass, according to an academic paper published Monday by Choi and his co-authors.

Although enough to get admitted to college, in fact that result left ChatGPT in penultimate place in most subjects, the university students point out.

During the writing of its essays, ChatGPT demonstrated that it had mastered the basic legal rules and that its organization and composition were solid”, write the authors.

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Nevertheless, “often had trouble spotting problems when posed with an open-ended question, an essential requirement for law school exams”, they explained.

Authorities in New York and other jurisdictions have banned the use of ChatGPT in schools, but Choi believes the bot could be a significant help to teachers.

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In general, ChatGPT is not a good law student when acting alone”, he wrote on Twitter.

But if they’re collaborating with humans, language models like ChatGPT can be very useful for law students taking exams, and practicing lawyers.”, he assured.

Choi said that two of the three proofreaders identified that the theses had been written by a chatbot.

They had an intuition and that intuition was good, because ChatGPT had a perfect grammar and something repetitive.“, revealed.

Source: Elcomercio

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