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ChatGPT wrote an article in just 30 seconds and a freelance writer fears it will take his job

Henry Williams is the name of the freelance editor who has panicked after the famous chatbot ChatGPT write a marketing article in 30 seconds and it is valued at $600.

The writer wrote in The Guardian that his “fun turned horror” after corroborating the efficiency and speed with which the chatbot could write a text that would take him hours to write.

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Williams asked the AI ​​to write about “What is the payment gateway?” and the result was something similar to a university essay that, in his opinion, lacked a bit of editing but had good grammar and syntax. And it was a product for which he would have charged $615.

I am editor. I’m pretty sure artificial intelligence is going to take my job away.” points out in his opinion piece.

William further demonstrates his fear by realizing that companies would be more interested in these types of technologies, since they are cheaper compared to the cost of having human workers. He is sure that companies will not hesitate to cut costs.

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Any sentimental attachment to human-created content will surely be quickly quashed, I suspect, by the economic argument. After all, the AI ​​is super fast labor that doesn’t eat, sleep, complain, or take a vacation.”, he adds.

Source: Elcomercio

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