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An AI imagines what would have happened to Peru if the British Empire conquered us

The artificial intelligence (AI) midjourney It is one of the most popular today. It is enough to give it a series of instructions so that it graphs images of all kinds with the highest quality and speed. Regarding this, from the Technology section of El Comercio we let our imagination run wild and asked this AI to give us its vision of what would have happened to Peru if the British Empire conquered us instead of Spain.

On this occasion we consulted for that empire, but it would be interesting to see what results we would obtain with the French, Japanese or some other empire. Even go a little further and find out what would have happened if the Incas invaded Spain. Maybe we’ll try later.

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The ultra-realistic images obtained are the product of a previous Midjourney search and in them we can see details such as a new Peruvian flag, a curious military uniform, cities in the middle of the desert, a Victorian-style square and a few other things.

To obtain the images, the following request was made to the AI: “What would Peru be like if it had been conquered by the British Empire? Ultra realistic photos.” (What would Peru be like if it was conquered by the British Empire).

Source: Elcomercio

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