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What the regions of Peru would be like if they were superheroes, according to artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence midjourney It continues to surprise all users on social networks. Precisely, on Twitter the user @Kiosko asked this AI to graph the regions of Peru as if they were superheroes, after days ago we saw the Peruvian departments as if they were supervillains.

I asked an AI to turn each region of Peru into a superhero”, said ‘Kiosko’ in a tweet.

Here the complete thread:

At the same time, Midjourney is a free artificial intelligence to which you indicate what you want to graph and in a matter of seconds it produces it. Not only that, but we can also tell the AI ​​to apply certain graphic styles such as renaissance paintings, cyberpunk auras, or ultra-realistic designs.

Here we leave you some other galleries made thanks to artificial intelligence:

Artists sue Midjourney and Stable Diffusion because their AI-powered art infringes copyright

A group of artists has sued three companies dedicated to digital art, such as Stability AI, DeviantArt and midjourneywhich use the Stable Difussion tool, which they accuse of infringing copyrights in the development of works of art created by artificial intelligence (AI).

Stability AI is responsible for the development of open source artificial intelligence-powered music and image generation systems, among whose achievements is stable diffusionwhich is used to generate high-quality digital images from a text description.

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MidJourney, for its part, is an AI program that also generates artistic images from text, just as Dall-E and IMAGE work. For his part, DeviantArt It is presented as a platform for the exhibition and exhibition of works of art.

A group of artists from California (United States) has filed a class action claiming that these three brands have committed copyright infringement in their artistic creations, as reported by CBR.

The applicants recall that these three brands use Stable Diffusiona text-to-image machine learning model developed by Stability AI and based on the LAION5-B image bank, owned by LAION, which is home to billions of royalty-free works of art.

LOOK: Artists sue Midjourney and Stable Diffusion because their art with AI infringes copyright

The plaintiffs allege that This database also integrates copyrighted creations, so that these images would be used without your consent. In addition, these artists point to infringements of their publicity rights, counterfeiting, and violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

With this demand, artists They are not just looking for compensation for the indiscriminate use of his works, but also to establish a norm that regulates this type of image banks to avoid future problems while creating a system that limits the free use of these artistic resources.

Source: Elcomercio

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