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An airless tire? Bridgestone’s ecological commitment to electric cars

Today they are tested electric cars, based on hydrogen, with artificial intelligence… And the tires? This is a key factor so that any car can circulate and Bridgestone has a proposal for tires that do not use air.

It is an ecological and quite efficient idea that the brand has decided to make a reality with the support of the Idemitsu Kosan company, in what has come to be called the “Air Free Concept”.

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The main bet of this technology is that they do not need to be inflated with high-pressure air, reported the Xataka page. To achieve their operation, they use a structure of radios that extend along the internal face.

The proposal dates back to 2011. Tires only began to be made in 2017 and today they are being tested on electric vehicles. The Bridgestone brand has explained that the prototypes will be tested in a compact electric vehicle operated by Idemitsu at its Chiba plant, east of Tokyo.

And why use these tires? According to the company, there are three factors: safety, comfort and sustainability. Since they do not have air, they require less control and are more durable.

Source: Elcomercio

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