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ChatGPT takes control of the robots: the AI ​​is “teaching” them to bring refreshments and heat food

After OpenAI released ChatGPTThe world of technology has turned upside down. This time, a team of Microsoft researchers is using this AI to apply it to robots.

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According to Business Insider, the researchers “they used certain instructions to get ChatGPT to take control of a small drone.”

The team was able to direct the drone to find objects in a room, such as a “health drink” or “something with sugar and a red logo”. These instructions were entered in the ChatGPT chatbox.

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These studies are the first results from the tech giant’s research.

“The reason ChatGPT is well-suited to following these commands is the same reason why OpenAI technology has made some software engineers nervous about the future: AI chatbot can quickly translate natural language into code”add the middle.

Experts have recognized that their work “represents only a small fraction of what is possible”. And they add that the ChatGPT results should not be extended without “careful analysis.”

Source: Elcomercio

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