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AI Midjourney launches its fifth version and scares users because of the quality of its images

Good news for all fans of midjourney: its fifth version is now available to the public. After five months of development, the company behind this AI -Midjourney, too- releases its ‘V5’ that presents improvements in the quality of the images created.

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In case you don’t know, midjourney is a program promoted by artificial intelligence (AI) that allows users to create images from text descriptions. That is to say, it is enough to give it a sentence so that the tool graphs it in a matter of seconds. With its new version, the images look even more natural and surprise with their realism.

Midjourney has managed to position itself among one of the public’s favorites and has been responsible for multiple galleries such as The ten most attractive nationalities in the world, according to artificial intelligence, The incredible faces of the characters of GTA San Andreas in real life, according to an AI, This is how Manco Cápac, Atahualpa, Pachacútec and other Incas would look like, according to an AI, etc.

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However, its fifth version is now available for the public and to use it we have to press on V5 when we ask you for an image through the platform discord.

Midjourney version 5.

Here some of the news midjourney and its fifth version:

From Midjourney they point out that “keep in mind that this is an alpha test and things are about to change”. In turn, they say that “it is adjusted to provide a wide diversity of results and to be very receptive to your indications. The tradeoff is that it can be more difficult to use: short messages may not work as well.

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The company has said that eventually version 5 of midjourney will be the default.

Here some user tests:

Source: Elcomercio

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