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Voice cloning, the technique to steal savings using artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence (AI) It continues to show progress, but it also leaves us with several doubts since it is also being used by the cybercriminals with the use of voice cloners of relatives and deceive their victims.

And the method is not new. Criminals often call their victims on the phone and ask for financial help. It is the second type of theft in the United States, which has generated losses of 11 million dollars last year.

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What is different is that now they use artificial intelligence programs to generate the voices of a relative, who is supposedly in trouble and urgently needs money. This is how they can even steal the savings of their victims.

This is a slightly more complex job. To replicate a person’s voice, an audio sample is needed, even if it is brief and only a few sentences. For example, according to a report by El Español Omicrono, the type of voice can be extracted from TikTok, Instagram or Podcast videos.

Now scammers work with AI and can perfectly recreate the pitch, timbre, and individual sounds of a given person’s voice. A son, a friend or a lover, are the most cloned type of people.

But there is also a problem with Artificial Intelligence companies. So far there are no legal precedents to hold them accountable; that is, there is a free way for the misuse of this technology that is constantly evolving.

Source: Elcomercio

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