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The system that Apple designed to protect the screen of folding devices in falls

Manzana It hasn’t introduced a foldable version of one of its mobile devices yet, but it has devised a technology for such devices that detects when it’s falling to fold and avoid major damage.

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The technology company has devised a system that uses sensors housed in mobile phones or tablets with folding screens or rollers to detect the “vertical acceleration with respect to the ground” and determine if the device has been dropped.

What this system detects is the fall to activate a mechanism that causes the device to close, at least partially, to protect the screen from hitting the groundas explained in the text of a patent, published this Thursday in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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“Even folding the screen to less than 180 degrees can give some protection because the mobile device can hit the edges instead of the screen,” They explain from the company. In the case of roll-up models, the screen would be collected when it detects the fall.

Source: Elcomercio

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