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Mark Zuckerberg after laying off 10,000 employees: “Our biggest investment is in the advancement of AI”

Mark Zuckerberg has slipped the idea that the advancement of artificial intelligence is the “biggest single investment” of Goal. In a publication that he shared with the workers, after the cut of 10,000 jobs, the CEO of the company seems to indicate that the current priority is not the development of the metaverse.

I think we’re working on some of the most transformative technology our industry has ever seen. Our largest single investment is in advancing AI and integrating it into each of our products.. We have the infrastructure to do this on an unprecedented scale and I think the experiences it will enable will be incredible.”, Zuckerberg indicates in the memo.

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Despite highlighting the priority of AI, the CEO of Meta assures that the metaverse has not yet been set aside. “Our leading work in building the metaverse and shaping the next generation of computing platforms also remains critical in defining the future of social connection.. And our apps are growing and continue to connect nearly half the world’s population in new ways. This work is incredibly important and the stakes are high. The financial plan that we have established puts us in a position to fulfill it”, he adds.

One of the goals of the development of the metaverse was that people could work better without the need to be physically in the same place. That is, virtuality but with the feeling of being in the same office, for example. Because this advance is projected for the beginning of 2030, the focus on artificial intelligence today makes sense: it is the technology of the moment.

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Our initial analysis of performance data suggests that engineers who joined Meta in person and then transferred remotely or stayed in person performed better on average than people who joined remotely”, adds Zuckerberg, alluding to the fact that “in-person” interaction helps to improve performance. That is, what the company wants to implement in the metaverse.

Meta has made a second layoff of workers globally. The company has cut 10,000 jobs, after the 11 thousand of November last year. Zuckerberg took the blame back then, but in his current post he only lamented that there is no other way out to improve the company’s projects.

Source: Elcomercio

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