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Youtuber uses an AI to compose a Rammstein song: “ChatGPT composes better than many musicians”

Different content creators on different platforms have taken advantage of the popularity of the artificial intelligence to use them in their creations. ChatGPT is one of the AI most used by them, due to its facility to give any request.

Music analysis YouTuber ShounTrack also jumped on the trend, ordering ChatGPT to compose a song. However, the composition had to have the particularity of looking like a Spanish version of some unpublished song by the metal band Rammstein.

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The AI ​​had no problem in giving the popular youtuber the desired result. First, he began by offering the lyrics and, later, the melody of the composition.

Finally, the content creator decides to interpret the creation of the AI, adding some fixes to it for its final presentation.

Source: Elcomercio

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