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A youtuber surprised his girlfriend with a virtual reality game just to ask her to marry him | VIDEO

A youtuber decided to take advantage of his skills in design and visual arts to develop a video game virtual reality Make it a romantic act before proposing to your girlfriend. she accepted.

Mischa Kolbe is a visual effects developer and artist who thought “I want to propose to my girlfriend. And I also work in technology. hmm…”. That’s how he decided to create a virtual reality video game from scratch to surprise his girlfriend.

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The project it took a month and a half and the final gameplay consists of the player (his girlfriend) solving puzzles and, at the end, discover memories that happened next to Kolbe.

The game is independent, but it is quite complete. The bride received instructions from a guide robot and interacted with objects. Some of the scenarios include a bank vault, a farm and a bridge.

Here you can see the process of how he made the VR game for his girlfriend and the gameplay.

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Fortunately for Kolbe, his girlfriend agreed. The marriage proposal was not included in the game, instead the closure of the game consisted of removing the VR glasses to meet the ring in real life.

But Kolbe is not the first with this idea. In 2020, the youtuber Casandra Vuong created a VR video game for the same purpose: that his girlfriend Chary Keijzer entertains herself without suspicion until she finally takes off her glasses and finds herself with the proposal. She also accepted.

Here you can see that marriage proposal too.

Source: Elcomercio

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