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Why did Bill Gates ban cell phones for his children until they were 14 years old?

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, revealed why he prohibited his children from using a cell phone until they were 14 years old. Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe had to accept what was established by their father despite growing up in an environment where technology abounded.

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The tycoon said in an interview with the Mirror media that minors could seewatching television, using the computer or playing on consolesbut not having a cell phone until the mentioned age.

“We didn’t have cell phones at the table when we were eating, We didn’t give our kids cell phones until they were 14 and they complained that other kids had them before.”he mentioned.

Gates and his wife were also part of the aforementioned, since they did not use their equipment in family spaces. The motive behind this decision was so that minors will take advantage of screen time in other activities, such as sleeping well.

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“We used to set a time after which there is no screen time and, in their case, that helped them fall asleep at a reasonable hour”he added.

When they received their kits they were already teenagers and her parents had the passwords to access these. The same happened with their computers.

CurrentlyJenniferthe oldest, is a biologist at Stanford University. Rory, For his part, he studied Computer Science and Economics at Duke University. He then went to the Fuqua School of Business. Finally, Phoebe she became a ballet dancer and was part of The Juilliard School.

Source: Elcomercio

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