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Bing chatbot responses will include banner ads, according to Microsoft

Microsoft is working on a format to add ads on the Bing chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (IA), which will display the ad by including it directly in the conversation responses.

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The American company continues to implement new features and updates to its search engine’s chatbot to continue attracting traffic and increasing the number of users that, as detailed in early March by the company itself, It already has more than one hundred million daily users.

In this sense, the corporate vice president of MicrosoftYusuf Mehdi, said in a statement released on Wednesday that, among other proposals, the company is exploring ideas on how to continue syndicating content to drive traffic and revenue from your Microsoft Start partners.

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Thus, Mehdi pointed out that one of the options that is trying is to introduce ads into the ‘chat’ experience to “share ad revenue with partners whose content contributed to the chat response.”

Now, Microsoft has confirmed that it is looking into ways to include ads in the Bing chatbot’s responses, although for now, the company has not defined how it will definitively display these advertising samples.

According to statements by the director of Microsoft Communications, Caitlin Roulston, to The Verge, collected by Europa Press, ads will show on the new Bing within chat responsesin a similar way to how they are displayed in traditional search results.

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Likewise, Roulston has also explained that the way in which the ads are currently beginning to be displayed may have “some variability”, since, for the moment, Bing is still a test version and they continue to look for the best way to include the advertising. “We are still exploring new opportunities for ad experiences and we will share more over time”Roulston says.

Following this thread, some users have already found ads in their Bing chat responses. As developer Debarghya Das shows, when entering a question about which is the cheapest Honda car, the chat responded with information about it as usual, but introducing some links with the tag ‘Ad’.

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In this way, the chat implies that the recommendations with ‘Ad’ are based on advertising and by clicking on the link, the user can access more information about it. However, andThis format may not be the definitive one and may vary as Microsoft tests different ways to introduce advertising.

Source: Elcomercio

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