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The Microsoft Edge browser will allow you to open two websites in a single tab

The Microsoft Edge browser will allow you to open two websites in a single tab

The Microsoft Edge browser will allow you to open two websites in a single tab

microsoft edge has implemented a split window function that allows the user to open and browse two websites in the same tab, thus making it possible to view two browser screens at the same time, facilitating search tasks and providing better organization.

Microsoft’s split screen feature was first reported back in January by a Reddit user. However, then it was necessary to have a version of the browser in development or belong to the Insider program to test the beta versions.

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Now, Microsoft has included this novelty in version 111.0.1661.62 of Edge, so that all users can use it. Nevertheless, at the moment it is not a feature that is active by defaultbut it has to be configured through the browser flags, since it is a feature under test.

Thus, in order to open two websites in the same tab, the user must go to the flags section in Edge. For it, you will have to insert ‘edge://flags’ in the search boxand then, within this experiment screen, look for the ‘Microsoft Edge Split Screen’ function, which can be activated by clicking on the ‘Enabled’ option.

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Once activated, the browser will have to be restarted for this function to appear in the upper right corner of the browser with an icon that simulates a split screen.

With this option, Microsoft allows you to open a new page from the one you are browsing. In other words, with the split window option activated, when you click on the link of a web page, it will automatically open on the second screen. In this way, it will be possible to navigate to the original page and the new link at the same time.

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If the split screen icon has not been previously clicked, all you have to do is click on the link with the right mouse button and choose the option ‘Open link in split window’.

Likewise, completely different contents can also be displayed. With the split screen option active, fully independent pages can be browsed and opened in each window.

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