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WhatsApp launches the ‘Keep in chat’ function to save temporary messages

WhatsApp has globally deployed the ‘Keep in chat’ function with which users can store temporary messages that they do not want to lose and which, in turn, gives the sender control to decide if the rest of the users can keep or not

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The WhatsApp temporary messages are a function focused on the privacy so that these “do not end up in the wrong hands”. To do this, it is possible to establish a time limit to display the message before it automatically disappears in a period of time, to choose between 24 hours, seven days or 90 days.

The instant messaging app has been working on new features for this feature since its launch in 2020 and has recently started implement in the Google Play Beta Program a section to store temporary chat messages, so you can access them later and prevent them from disappearing.

According to an Ipsos report, approximately 85% of Peruvians have the WhatsApp application installed on their mobile phones. Although the function of this application consists of instant messaging, more and more businessmen use it as a business tool for the same functions that it can offer. (PxHere/)

Now WhatsApp has definitely released this feature, called ‘Keep in Chat’, what already available to all users globally. Includes some changes and features that give more control over the temporary message to the senderas detailed by the Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post on his Facebook profile.

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As explained by the Meta ‘app’ in a statement on its blog, the ‘Keep in chat’ function allows you to save messages from conversations so that they are always available. These stored messages will show a bookmark icon in the chat conversation, and it will be possible access them later through the ‘Retained Messages’ folderwhere the messages will be organized by chat.

Similarly, WhatsApp has stressed that the author of the temporary message that you want to store will have “the last word” on how you protect yourself. That is, you will be able to decide if other users can keep it for later viewing or not.

WhatsApp has a tool to give messages a certain length of time.

WhatsApp has a tool to give messages a certain length of time. (Noelia Murillo/)

For this, the platform will send a notice to the author through a notification when a user saves one of their messages. In case of deciding that no one can save said message, the user who sent it may deny this optionwhich will be final and it will prevent no one else can keep it. In this case, the message will be deleted when the programmed timer expires.

WhatsApp has indicated that ‘Keep in chat’ will be available to everyone for the next few weeks, and that it is a function that gives “flexibility” to keep the messages that are needed while maintaining the privacy of temporary messages.

Source: Elcomercio

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