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The version of Bing with artificial intelligence is now available to everyone

Microsoft has launched its new version of its Bing search engine with functions of Artificial Intelligence (AI)which is now available in open preview to all users after removing the waiting list and with new features such as results with images and videos, chat history and the use of third-party plugins, as well as the redesigned Edge browser.

The technology company presented the new versions of the Microsoft Bing search engine and the Edge browser in February of this yearintroducing AI to “reinvent the future of search” at the hands of the OpenAI language models.

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In this sense, the company has stressed that, as a result, they have identified a growth in the participation of Bing and the Edge browser with over a hundred million daily active users. Therefore, they intend to continue making Bing “more accessible.”

Microsoft revealed that the new version of Bing is now available to everyone. (Microsoft/)

Microsoft announced this Thursday that launch open preview version for the new Bingeliminating access through the waiting list and making it available to all users who wish to try it.

With the new Bing, the company ensures capabilities to deliver better search results, answers to questions, the ability to create and write and “a new level of ease” to use the ‘chatbot’ in natural language, as he has developed in a statement on his blog.

In addition, Microsoft has announced the implementation of new functions that introduce improvements such as, for example, making the search more visual. Thus, it has added more “rich and visual” responses in the chat including tables and graphs, as well as images and videos.

Following this thread, Microsoft has also expanded Bing Image Creator, the image creator based on the Dall-E model that the company added to Bing and Edge last March. Bing Image Creator now supports more than a hundred languages, increasing the possibility to create images with text descriptions in more languages.

Similarly, users can also upload images in chat and request that Bing search for related content on the internet thanks to the visual search feature in chat, which Microsoft is working on.

Another function that the company has introduced is the chat history and sharing and export options. With these features users will be able to continue the chat conversation “where they left off” thanks to the chat history. In addition, as he explained, he is testing the adding the context of a previous chat to new conversations.

Also, in order to facilitate the use of the chat, when the user wants to open a result to go deeper, the chat will move to Edge sidebar. In this way, the user will be able to browse the Internet at the same time as using the chat or, at least, have it located in an accessible place.

Regarding the export and share functions, Microsoft will add an option to share the conversation with other people or even on social media. In the same way, the user can export a chat conversation directly. The chat will be exported in a simple format to be able to use it later in tools like Microsoft Word.


On the other hand, Microsoft has also indicated that they have started working on the Edge browser redesignwhich will include a “sleeker” user interface and Enhanced” with a streamlined appearance, rounded corners, and semi-transparent visuals.

As indicated by the company, they will implement improved summary capabilities for long documents, either PDFs or websites in Edge chat. In addition, they are also introducing edge actions, that will be available in “the next few weeks” and will be based on options to complete tasks with fewer steps thanks to AI.

As exemplified by the technology, with these Edge actions users will be able to find options in the chat in the sidebar from where they can carry out the activity that they wish For example, if you want to watch a movie, the user can search for it in the chat, where all the platforms where it is available will appear, and request that it start playing on one of these platforms directly.

Similarly, for Edge Mobile, Microsoft will introduce the ability to use the page context for your results. In other words, users will be able to ask questions about the web page that is being visited on the mobile in the chat.

Finally, the technology giant has detailed that they plan incorporate third-party plugins into the Bing chat experience, which will add various features and easier experiences for users. For example, Microsoft raises the possibility that Bing uses the services of the ‘app’ OpenTable to help the user to find and reserve a table in a restaurant directly from the chat.

Source: Elcomercio

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