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Electric cars: this highway works as a charger for moving vehicles

One of the problems of electric cars is the recharge. For this reason, various companies have been testing curious ways to reduce recharging time or take advantage of every minute, such as this highway that recharges the battery while the vehicle keep moving.

There are several countries that compete to have the best technology and reduce the environmental impact of CO2 and other polluting gases from cars. This is the case of Sweden, which claims to be the first country in the world with routes and streets that include an electrical network to charge the batteries.

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And it is that it is one of the countries with the best forecast to reduce pollution and comply with a carbon neutral planet by 2050. This method would also allow the electric car to be brought closer to the public, since it is still considered an expensive technology.

Trafikverket, the Swedish transport administration, has been in charge of leading this process. Although there are also other countries such as Italy, Israel, the United States and England, where this technology is also being tested.

And how it works? According to the Infobae page, there are three ways in which recharging on the move is tested. One is charging through a pantograph, as happens with electric trains. The charge is also counted by a conductive system, which has an electrified rail on the asphalt; and inductive charging, which is the safest and least visible way, but requires technology rarely seen in current cars.

Sweden has completed its first temporary trials. The first leg of a permanently electrified route would be a 27-kilometre stretch of the European route, which connects the logistics centers between Hallsberg and Örebro.

Source: Elcomercio

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