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Was your cell phone stolen? Follow these tips to prevent them from accessing your financial data

When you are a victim of crime and they steal your cell phoneIn addition to the frustration over the economic loss, there are many concerns that go through the mind because it is the most personal device that contains a lot of confidential information, including bank details. Hence the importance of knowing how to act.

And it is that although before the cell phone theft Our personal data, photos, contacts and income to platforms such as social networks anguish us, without a doubt the biggest fear is losing money because a third party can enter our on line bank.

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5 steps to follow to protect your financial information on your cell phone

Unfortunately we can all be victims of crime, or simply lose our cell phone through carelessness, so it is important to know how to act.

When it comes to protecting banking information, there are 5 steps to follow:

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How easy is it for a thief to break into your online banking?

The cell phone has become one of the favorite tools to review account statements and make paymentsespecially for young people.

The reality is that banking applications are very secure. For example, all banks require users who want to open a mobile banking account to register a password, so that if their cell phone is stolen, the thief cannot access their application. Thus, if you try to guess the password, the app will automatically lock after a few attempts.

In addition, to try to recover the password, data such as: full name, card number, CVV (the 3 security digits on the back of the card), PIN, cell phone number and email associated with the account, among others, will be required.

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In addition, banking applications have other methods to protect informationsuch as biometric data and geolocation.

Tips to protect your banking information

As you will realize, it is not so easy for a criminal to access your financial information on your cell phone. However, there are many ways in which they could scam you, warns the Condusef, for this reason:

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