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Nine changes that iOS 17 will have and that Apple did not show at WWDC 2023

Within the framework of the conference for developers (WWDC 2023) from Apple, the company revealed the main novelties of its new operating system iOS 17. Among it we have multiple customization options for contacts, with individual cards, as well as a message transcription function in real time with Live Voicemail.

Howeverwhat we saw has only been a part of what the next version of the operating system will include, which will have to arrive sometime before the end of the year. This is due to the fact that users who have already installed the beta on their devices have revealed on social networks some of the news that was not shown in the WWDC 2023.

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Specifically, applications such as Apple Music, Safari, Photos and others are those that have received adjustments that seek to improve the user experience.

Here we leave youThe nine changes of iOS 17 that the company did not show in its most recent presentation:

If you have an iPhone, know the method to install iOS 17, in addition to seeing if your cell phone is compatible. (Photo: Apple)

Apple Music Changes

In the presentation, Apple showed new features such as collaborative playlists or playback control from CarPlay, but something that was not revealed and that iOS 17 will have is the Crossfade between songs. This is an audio transition effect that blends the last few seconds of one song with the first few of another. With this the user does not notice a sharp cut.

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On the other hand, Apple Music will enjoy a new playback interface on albums that have an animated cover. Thanks to iOS 17, these covers will appear on the watch page with the controls blurred.

iOS 17 download

These are all the news that iOS 17 will bring to some iPhone phones. (Photo: Apple)

Delete messages with the authentication code

It has not happened to anyone that when entering a social network or application we have been asked for an authentication code. Now, with iOS 17, every time we receive one of these text messages it will be automatically filled with the code and then the system will delete them.

With deletion of messages with verification code we will have a clean tray. In turn, the tool can be turned on or off.

iOS 17. (Photo: Stephen Robles / Twitter).

iOS 17. (Photo: Stephen Robles / Twitter).

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New features with Photos app

Tool has been improved image cutouts to make it more intuitive. Users can simply zoom in to bring up a box that says ‘Crop’.

In turn, after a certain amount of time, Apple will remind you that a application has the permissions to access the photos and it will ask you if you want it to continue having them or not.

Other news of iOS 17

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