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Nearby Share now lets you send and receive entire folders of files

Google has introduced a novelty in its Nearby Share application, which now not only allows individual files to be shared between devices Android and computers with windowsbut also offers the ability to send and receive entire folders of files.

The company launched this application in 2020, when it commented that it was a content transfer system that worked between Android mobiles and also with Chromebook computers “in a fast and secure way”, without the need to use the internet for it.

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This application, which offers an operation similar to AirDropavailable on Apple devices, automatically chooses the fastest way to transfer between devices between various protocols -Bluetooth, WebRTC or direct WiFi connection- and works anonymously.

In April of this year Google announced the launch of the application with Windows, thanks to which files could be sent and received from the PC with the Microsoft operating system to nearby Android devices, and vice versa. This feature was finally implemented in July.

Until now, Nearby Share allowed users to share individual files between devices so that, if they were included in a folder, it forced users to choose them one by one.

However, Google has implemented a new capability with which you can send entire file folders from Android devices to other phones with this operating system, as well as Chromebooks or Windows PCs.

This has been verified by the analyst Mishaal Rahman, who has shared a screenshot that shows that folders can be sent and received from the Google Files application, by clicking the ‘Share with Nearby’ icon, located at the bottom of the Interface.

Once you have chosen the folder that you want to share through this Google transmission service, the number of files it contains is indicated at the top of the screen, followed by the nearby devices to which it can be sent.

Source: Elcomercio

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