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Digital electric bikes? This system does not need a chain to walk

The electric bikes They are changing our way of traveling. In an increasingly digital world, the bicycle could not stop being digital too. This is how the digital electric bicycle was born that does not need a chain to be in motion.

Look Cycle is a French company, dedicated to the development of bicycles, has taken up the concept of this propulsion vehicle that since the end of the last century has been the objective of manufacturers.

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Now, in association with the Cixi company, they have achieved the development of the Pedaling Energy Recovery System (PERS), which consists of a double electric machine motor-generator system and control software.

As detailed on the Hybrid and Electric page, this system uses complex algorithms based on artificial intelligence to adapt power delivery to the wheels. In this way, it replaces the old transmission chain with sensors that capture the effort of the cyclist.

This is how it dispenses with various mechanical elements. The Rover 45 is the concept prototype, an electric bike that can reach speeds of up to 45km/h, and the PERS is coupled to a 700Wh battery pack.

Source: Elcomercio

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