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Artificial intelligence: create a complete village with 25 chatting bots and even organize a Valentine’s party

There are more and more surprises of what can be done with artificial intelligence. This time, researchers from Stanford University and Google have created a village with 25 bots that interact as if they were in real life.

The results have been impressive, since their activities are carried out like any other day: they wake up, talk about the news and even organize a party for Valentine’s Day, reported the Business Insider page.

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The AI ​​agents were designated with names like “Mei” and “Sam”. As a result of their exchange of opinions, one of the agents decided to run for president.

In this way, they have taken another step to have a more credible behavior. One of the agents named “Isabella” was even asked to plan a Valentine’s party and they started handing out invitations.

According to the report, the interactions are facilitated by generative AI and “natural language processing,” or NLP, which help bots to produce conversations that mirror human interactions.

But, the study also indicates that there is still more work to be done so that they can have human-like behavior. For example, giving bots the ability to store memories and reflect on them.

Source: Elcomercio

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