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Asus confirms that it will continue to manufacture Zenfone series phones

Asus has confirmed that it will continue to manufacture ‘smartphones’ of the Zenfone series, after rumors that the company would have marked the end of this family of terminals with the Zenfone 10 model and the closure of its division.

The Taiwanese company presented Zenfone 10 at the end of June, a device that maintains the usual characteristics of this line of products, that is, a compact size and manageable with one hand.

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Asus works with two lines of ‘smartphones’: one focused on a more conventional use, zenfoneand another for ‘gaming’, ROGPhonewith features like gesture control, smart features, and high-performance processors and batteries.

Taiwanese media such as TechNews recently pointed out that the manufacturer would have planned to stop producing the first of these families, Zenfone, a change that would be due to a restructuring of the organization.

Now, Asus has confirmed that Zenfone 10 will not be the last terminal in this family and that it will continue to produce phones for this series, so this division will not be closed. “We will continue with our two main commercial telephone product lines”has pointed out in a statement.

In this he has insisted that the brand “has a strong commitment” cwith his smartphone business and with his customers and has urged “be attentive” to its 2024 product lines.

Source: Elcomercio

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