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Artificial intelligence: Amazon invests up to  billion in ChatGPT rival

Artificial intelligence: Amazon invests up to $4 billion in ChatGPT rival

Artificial intelligence: Amazon invests up to  billion in ChatGPT rival

amazon announced on Monday an investment of up to $4 billion in the American artificial intelligence (IA) Anthropic, which is developing a rival ChatGPTwhich will accelerate the global race in these technologies.

With this collaboration, the online commerce and “cloud” (remotely accessible data storage) giant will take a minority stake in Anthropic, which has created Claude, a “chatbot” that competes with ChatGPT, the well-known intelligence tool artificial from OpenAI.

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Anthropic will use chips from Amazon Web Service (AWS) – the largest “cloud” company in the world – developed specifically for creating machine learning models.

This agreement will allow, according to Amazon, to accelerate Anthropic’s future “chatbot” models, which AWS users will be able to access.

So-called “generative” artificial intelligence, capable of generating new content from learning data, is arousing much interest among internet giants.

A few days ago, Amazon announced that its virtual assistant Alexa would have artificial intelligence.

And Microsoft reported Thursday that it was integrating OpenAI’s new generative artificial intelligence interface into its Bing search engine.

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San Francisco-based Anthropic is considered a leader in the field and has its own chatbot, Claude, a ChatGPT competitor.

“We have enormous respect for the Anthropic team and founding models, and believe we can help improve the customer experience, in the short and long term, through deeper collaboration,” said Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy.

Silicon Valley giants and big investment funds have poured money into artificial intelligence as they look to find an application that will give them the decisive advantage.

OpenAI and Google are the best-known companies in the development of artificial intelligence. (Photo: AFP)

The instant success of ChatGPT focused much of the attention on “chatbots” and sparked imitators and rivals, including Google with its Bard chatbot.

Chinese titans Tencent and Baidu have also launched bots that they claim can rival ChatGPT.

The chip market

This agreement between Anthropic and Amazon is above all a decisive step in the race to develop chips to boost AI.

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Companies in the sector want to stop using chips made by market leader NVIDIA, said Nick Patience, lead AI research analyst at S&P Global Market.

“It will be difficult for anyone to make a dent in them in the next 12 to 18 months,” he told AFP.

But deals like the one between Amazon and Anthropic could help change the landscape in five years.

Anthropic agrees not only to use Amazon chips, but also its installed capacity in the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which are data centers that store and process data at scale.

Amazon stated that it will take a “minority stake” in its new partner, which has already raised more than $1 billion since its inception in 2021.

The statement ensures that “Claude”, which is both the name of Anthropic’s chatbot and its model, will help AWS customers “of all sizes develop new generative applications powered by AI to transform their organizations.”

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The deal intensifies competition between Amazon and Google, which had previously opened its cloud services to Anthropic and invested $300 million to acquire 10% of the company.

AI models require enormous computing power, so AI companies rely on cloud data centers provided by companies such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

As tech giants push their own AI goals, they have increasingly been seeking ties with smaller AI companies: Microsoft is leading the way with a multibillion-dollar investment in OpenAI.

Source: Elcomercio

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